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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs this website? This website is intended for those who work in the audiovisual industry. If you need subtitles for broadcasting or distribution, you can obtain a license for professional subtitles from the owner. You will not be allowed to pass on or to sell these subtitles. And you will not become the owner or (sub)licensor of the subtitles, you will become a licensee.

How does it work? Is it free of charge? Yes, it's all free of charge. A registered user will see search results with contact information. Contact the owner of the subtitles and agree on price and terms.

How do I add titles to your database? Contact us and we will send you all the necessary information. Or register and send us a list with all the info you have regarding the subtitles, such as: title, year, feature or series, season, name episode, source language, subtitle language, broadcast by, broadcast date, etc. Excel file will do fine.

What are the current rates for subtitles? Since there are so many different rates around the world, we can't really tell you. You will have to ask the owner / licensor. 300 euro (400 US dollar) for a feature film might be a reasonable price to pay for a TV station in Sweden, it would be much to expensive for a TV Station in Albania. The licensor decides the fee per subtitle file. Depending on length, quality, etc.

Copyright? Owner? Licensor? Licensee? Indemnification? See terms.

We are a broadcaster. Can we get licenses for subtitles here? Yes. That's the whole idea behind the site. You, your translator, translation company or any intermediary can search for subtitles here to be used with your broadcast or distribution of the video.

I am a professional subtitler /company but someone else owns the copyright on my translations. Can I still list files I have translated myself? Yes. If someone contacts you and wants to buy a license, just make sure the copyright owner agrees. This way you have a good way to actively promote your subtitles and earn some extra revenues. But do make sure you have a written agreement / contract on this between you and the owner of the copyright. Make sure you get the final and proofread version of the subtitles. Example: Someone contacts you about a title. You ask the owner if you can sell and how much they want for this title. Let's say they want 200 euros. You sell the title for 250 euros.

Can I license subtitles that I have made myself as a hobby? If you are not a professional, chances are your subtitles will not be good enough for broadcasting. Contact us if you are in doubt.

I am a home user. Can I buy subtitles? If you are a home user (or fansubber) and willing to pay for professional subtitles, we kindly request you to contact us before registering.

Subtitles in the same language as the dialogue of the video? Useful? Yes, very much so. English subtitles can be used for machine translation to another language. In 2014 you can translate subtitle files through the SUMAT engine. See news.

What if the licensee uses the subtitles outside the license / agreement? Contact them and have them pay you for the extra use.

I did not find an answer to my question(s). Contact us.