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News from the world of subtitling

SUMAT ( SUbtitling by MAchine Translation ) has developed an online subtitle translation service addressing 9 different European languages combined into 14 different language pairs, with the aim to semi-automatize at a large scale the subtitle translation processes of both freelance translators and subtitling companies, in order to optimize their efficiency and productivity thereby helping them to meet the market demands.
Test results are very promising. The service will be available for all in April 2014.

Media for all
The 5th International Media for All Conference. Audiovisual Translation: Expanding Borders aims to bring together professionals, scholars, practitioners and other interested parties to explore audiovisual translation (AVT) in theory and practice, to ascertain the language needs of distributors and broadcasters, to discuss the linguistic and cultural dimensions of AVT, to look into potential synergies between the industry and the academic worlds, and to investigate the relevance and application of translation theory for this very specific and rapidly expanding translational genre. Special attention will be given to the position of AVT in Central and Eastern Europe.

Languages and the Media
Translation is an integral part of life in multilingual societies. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector has been enjoying exponential growth, which has opened up a dazzling array of new possibilities. Anyone working in the media should be aware of how the process of translation is being transformed and what this means for business.