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The terms we use on this site

- Copyright is established as soon as a translator has translated the original dialogue into subtitles. Many parties assume that they are the (exclusive) owners of the copyright. In their license contracts licensors of a film or a TV series usually indicate that they would like to own the copyright of the subtitles. This contract usually stipulates that the copyrights and the (digital) subtitle file have to be physically transferred as soon as the subtitles have been produced. This transfer in actual fact rarely happens. The licensor often lacks the knowledge, time or means to go after the copyright on the subtitles and the actual files, nor does the licensor know how to protect or exploit the subtitles. Nevertheless, the licensor wishes to be the legal owner of the subtitles. Strict conditions apply here. The copyright has to be transferred on paper by the translator and/or translation agency.
We use the word 'owner' for the person / company who legally owns the copyright on the subtitles. If this person / company is not the translator it means they must have a signed document in which the copyright has been transferred to them.

- The licensor is the party that grants someone a license to use the subtitles.

- The licensee is the party that obtains the legal right to use the subtitles.

- Indemnification means that all possible third-party claims in case of copyright violation will be upon the licensor.