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theSUBTITLING.NETwork deals with the provision of services for title holders with respect to subtitles and translations of film works and audio-visual productions on the one hand and parties that wish to use these subtitles and translations on the other hand.

theSUBTITLING.NETwork will treat all information it receives in a confidential manner and not disclose any information to third parties.

Any party that accepts representation by theSUBTITLING.NETwork or commissions theSUBTITLING.NETwork to perform services, will thus grant theSUBTITLING.NETwork an irrevocable power of attorney to conclude all agreements that are part of- and required for the commissioned assignment against set rates and in accordance with the general terms and conditions of theSUBTITLING.NETwork.

theSUBTITLING.NETwork is not liable, nor can it be held responsible for any claims from its client(s) or third parties in the event that the information and/or translation/subtitles that have been made available to another party or the rights thereof that have been assigned to another party, prove to be in violation of rights belonging to third parties.

theSUBTITLING.NETwork shall only act as an intermediary and will not be a party to the contract concluded between a title holder and a user of the subtitles. Any party that grants theSUBTITLING.NETwork an assignment, indemnifies theSUBTITLING.NETwork against its own claims and those of third parties, or as the case may be against the direct and consequential consequences, both financially and otherwise, and the possible costs arising therefrom. The indemnification also explicitly includes the costs for possible legal aid incurred by theSUBTITLING.NETwork.

theSUBTITLING.NETwork charges an annual fee for its services.

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