About the subtitling course.

You will learn to translate video dialogues into professional subtitles.

In our course you decide how long you need to practice. You start by reading about the principles of the translation and subtitling process. After that it's practising as much as you want. The idea is to master the basic techniques first and then increase your speed by practising with the videos we provide. After finishing our course you will be able to earn a living as a professional subtitler.

Without a course you have little (if any) chance of getting a job in subtitling. If you have successfully completed the course, you are three steps ahead of applicants without professional knowledge.

  • You decide how long it takes to do the course
  • We provide the videos
  • Source and target free to choose
  • All the software you'll need for the course is included
  • After the course you are a professional subtitler

Subtitling is the art of omitting. "Less is better!" It's simply a matter of using your language skills and creativity to shorten the dialogue for optimal viewer readability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

This subtitling course is produced by inVision Subtitling (NL).

Many students have worked with our course book.

Subtitling software?

If you need professional subtitling software for your Mac / Apple iOs.

we sell it for only 179 euro.

How much time?

To master the basic techniques
you'll need about 50 hours.

No need to rush.

How about videos?

You will practise with films and series. Source and target language is personal.

Most videos are English spoken but we will add videos to your need.

And the other courses?

There are a few, but the main difference is that our course is by far the cheapest.

It will not take long before you will master the art of subtitling.

Availability of work?

Subtitlers come and go.
There's enough work out there.
It's all yours!

Use Google
to find subtitling companies.

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